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Tire & Wheels Packages

Get the Right Tires to Eliminate Trailer Blowouts!

Choose a tire and wheel combination that equals your trailer's GVWR.

This will give you a 20 percent minimum reserve load capacity.

Reserve Load Capacity

To understand "Reserve Load Capacity," you need look no further than the vehicle in your driveway.

Did you ever wonder why we have very few tire issues with our passenger cars, SUV's and light trucks, yet our trailer tires are a constant worry?

The vehicles we drive every day have a 20-30 percent reserve load capacity, yet our trailers are running 90 percent + loaded all the time.

So, if we want the type of safety and reliability out of our trailer tires that we have in our passenger vehicles, we first need to achieve a similar 20-30 percent reserve load capacity.


2016 Mazda 6 has a GVWR of 4,288 lbs The tire is a P225/45R19 92W with a load capacity of 1,389 lbs per tire or a total of 5,556 lbs or 77 percent loaded at GVWR. A 23 percent reserve load capacity at GVWR. This vehicle has a curb weight of 3,130 lbs or 1,158 lbs of cargo capacity.

How do I determine how much additional capacity I need on my 5th wheel trailer?

Your GVWR should be on a tag on the trailer near the tire information tag.

Simply take your GVWR (Target weight) ÷ 4 tires = Target load per tire.

This assumes a 20% pin weight

Example (14,500 lb. GVWR): 14,500 lbs ÷ 4 tires = 3,625 lbs target per tire load capacity.

Remember, we want a 20% reserve load capacity so, we do not deduct the 20% pin weight.

Pin Weight Variation

Because pin weights will vary the preferred method is to weigh each wheel position on the trailer using a program like Escapees Smart Weigh program

In this example we have a 2012 Redwood 36RL that was Smart Weighed, with a 15,500 lb. GVWR.

The actual pin weight is 3,000 lbs and the heaviest loaded wheel position is the LF at 3,300 lbs

3,300 lbs x 120% = 3,960 lbs would be your target per tire load capacity.

Tire Load Chart

Find the corresponding target load & tire in this chart.

Compare the overall diameter (O.D.) of your current tire to your new tire.

Size LRLoadSpeedPSIO.D.
215/75R17.5 H48057512530.4
ST235/85R16 G40806511031.8
LT235/85R16 G37507511031.8
LT235/85R16 E3042758031.6
ST235/80R16 E3420658030.8
ST225/75R15 E2830658028.3
ST225/75R15 D2540656528.3
ST205/75R15 D2150656527.2
ST205/75R14 C1760655026.1

Trailer Tire Specifications & Pricing

Sailun S637ST235/85R16129/125L4080 lbs @ 110 PSI31.7"9.3"$199.00
Sailun S637215/75R17.5H4805 lbs @ 125 PSI30.4"8.1"$235.00
Goodyear G614 RSTLT235/85R16126R3750 lbs @ 110 PSI30.7"9.5"$389.00
Goodyear G114215/75R17.5H4805 lbs @ 125 PSI30.5"8.8"$419.00

Recommended Trailer Tire & Wheel Assemblies

ST235/85R16 G Sailun S637 & T07 Wheel
6 or 8 Lug, 9/16" or 1/2" studs.
Includes center cap and lug nuts.
LT235/85R16 G Goodyear G614 & T07 Wheel
6 or 8 Lug, 9/16" or 1/2" studs.
Includes center cap and lug nuts.
215/75R17.5 H Sailun S637 & Aluminum Spoke Wheel
8 Lug, 9/16" or 5/8" studs
Includes center cap and lug nuts.
215/75R17.5 H Goodyear G114 & Aluminum Spoke Wheel
8 Lug, 9/16" or 5/8" studs
Includes center cap and lug nuts.

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